Romanovs & the Jews

The antisemitism of the Romanovs is well known.

What’s not well known is the co-existing policy — discrimination of shtetl Jews and the increasing acceptance of cultured and educated Jews under the last Romanov, Tsar Nicholas II. Even before Nicholas II, Anton and Nikolai Rubinstein founded (respectively) the St. Petersburg Conservatory and the Moscow Conservatory — Nikolai teaching the great Peter Tchaikovsky. Valentin Serov, the Romanov Portraitist, was the grandson of a rabbi. Boris Pasternak’s (author of Doctor Zhivago) father was a painter and professor at the Imperial Academy of Art and his mother, a concert pianist. Even more maligned than Nicholas II is Rasputin — a friend of the Jews — whose personal secretary was even Jewish.

Includes 45-min lecture followed by lunch and a roundtable discussion.

 Thu, Dec 14, 2017, 12 pm


Barry Goldsmith

Prof. Barry Goldsmith is a professor, architectural historian, architect and award-winning humorist (with an Emmy Nomination). Goldsmith is also print, web and broadcast travel journalist who’s into the 8th year of his monthly travel column, Been There, HAVEN’T Done That — recommending sites around the world missed by most tourists —unknown by many natives—and even unknown to other travel experts.  And now Been There, HAVEN’T Done That is coming to radio as a weekly, cultural travel show on the Salem Radio Network.

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