Hanukkah Sound Revival

Rabbi Dan and Jeremiah Lockwood will provide an opportunity to tap into the central theme of this season, with experimental sounds, forgotten practices and traditional prayer — tuning into the light and the wonder stories of this festival.

We commemorate the Maccabees cleaning out the waste that had clogged up their temples, and all of the things that blocked prayer from their lives, by washing away the false gifts that fill our own lives.

Join us in this interactive healing — through melody, meditation and incantation.

Along with Rabbi Dan and Jeremiah will be special guest, Jewlia Eisenberg (leader of the band Charming Hostess) and co-leader of this past summer’s singing workshop – Sound, Song and Symbol.

This is a continuation of Rabbi Dan and Jeremiah Lockwood’s re-imagining Jewish “holy days.” This exploration began six years ago with the High Holidays and was expanded this year to include Lament: The Ninth Av at Green-Wood Cemetery, Erev Rosh Hashanah at Nublu Classic, and the Hannukah Sound Revival at BAX.

Evening will include: Candlelighting, Breathing and Meditation, Listening, Singing, Atoning, Praising, Healing, Mingling, Noshing

Rabbi Dan Ain + Jeremiah Lockwood

Rabbi and revivalist Dan Ain gathers those who are open to being reached. He finds holiness in honest conversation, in the spaces where people can say what they really think and allow others to do the same. His latest project Because Jewish creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our musicians and our everyday lives. The Times of Israel says: “Because Jewish represents the zeitgeist of Jewish Brooklyn, circa 2016. Its raison d’être is to offer community and presence amidst the racing speed and technological isolation of the here and now.” For the past decade, Rabbi Dan has been curating these offerings around New York City at the 92nd St Y (as Director of Tradition and Innovation), Brooklyn Bowl, (le) poisson rouge and as the rabbi of The New Shul. The High Holiday services he leads, with blues musician and cantorial singer Jeremiah Lockwood of The Sway Machinery, is an example of finding meaningful ways to worship in the 21st century – creating experiences that speak to people living in today’s world using the language, lessons and music of the past.

As a young man, Jeremiah Lockwood apprenticed with Piedmont Blues musician Carolina Slim, and studied chazzanus with his grandfather Cantor Jacob Konigberg. His band The Sway Machinery seeks inspiration from New York City’s cultural geography and has performed at festivals around the world, including, perhaps most notably, the Festival of the Desert in Timbuktu, Mali. He toured for years as guitarist in the band Balkan Beat Box, has scored numerous film and video projects, and served as a 2011 Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra Composer Fellow. His most recent records include a 2014 blues-oriented solo album entitled LOCKWOOD, and a new record from The Sway Machinery, Purity and Danger, released in 2015. Jeremiah is currently a PhD candidate at Stanford University where he is engaged in research on the culture of Cantorial music.

Special Guest

Jewlia Eisenberg is a composer, extended-technique vocalist, lay cantor, and the founder of Charming Hostess. She is interested in the particular emotional, erotic and spiritual terrains that the voice can traverse. Her work explores the intersection of text and the sounding body, pushing for translation strategies between verbal and non-verbal languages. Collaborators include anarcholits Fantom Slobode, choreographer Jo Kreiter and filmmaker Lynn Sachs. Commissioned work includes Harmonices Mundi, an opera about Kepler’s mother, and Red Rosa, a song cycle based on the letters of Rosa Luxemburg. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at MIT and University of Denver; she has studied with sozanda Muna Nissimova, Fred Frith and Daniel Boyarin. Hobbies include class war, knitting, and smashing SUV windshields. Brooklyn born and bred, she now calls San Francisco home.

Fri, December 15, 2017

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST


Brooklyn Arts Exchange

421 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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